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Quality is at the core of Fexco’s commitment to our clients. The Voice of the Customer is the driving force behind all activities while our approach is to work collaboratively with our clients and integrate their requirements into our continuous improvement model. Our policy is to meet and exceed customer expectations in terms of quality, service, innovation and value on behalf of our clients.

At Fexco, we recognise that our people are at the core of our success. Many things in business can be copied but one thing that cannot be, is our people. By partnering with MBSO your business will benefit from Fexco’s long history and track record of innovation, brought about through the combined contribution of its employees.

We believe that it is vitally important that we provide the structure for everyone to perform to the best of their ability. As part of our Employee Engagement Model, we carry out a bi-annual survey focussing on our core values, career progression, recognition and peoples’ views on our leadership. The results feed into our Learning and Development program. We are currently implementing the Oracle e-learning management system. This features the ability to quickly build a bespoke module customised to our clients’ requirements and drives continuous improvement.

As part of our Talent Management programme, we use best practice competency assessment and the output feeds into the personal development program. We believe that 66% of all roles should be filled from internal talent. As a result we have a high retention rate and a great skills pool.

We use NLP as part of our training approach as it helps to heighten awareness to the correct behaviours in both aural and written communication. We believe that customer behavioural patterns can be learned through communication and experience and that we can optimise the Customer Experience and achieve improvements in Net Promoter Score.

NPS is a cross industry metric which measures customers’ sentiment to your service and ultimately, your brand. We have a solution that measures NPS and can also put a notional value on score movement.


Fexco MBSO is an award winning organisation and our track record of delivering outstanding results through working partnerships is illustrated by the following awards won:


Global Customer Contact Association (CCA)

  • Best Customer Experience in Sector (Telecoms/Mobile & Utility) 2009
  • Contact Centre of the Year 2009
  • Complaints Team of the Year 2010
  • Overall Team of the Year 2010
  • Shortlisted for Most Effective Training Programme in 2012
  • Shortlisted for the Complaints Team of the Year in 2013
  • Winner Most Effective Training Programme 2015
  • Best CX Transformation (Inhouse Technology Solution) 2018
CCMA Accreditation

Contact Centre Management Association (CCMA)

  • Best Quality Measurement 2009
  • Best Small/Growing Contact Centre 2009
  • Best Customer Call Delivery 2010
  • Contact Centre of the Year 2010
  • Best Customer Service Delivery with Bord Gáis Networks, 2013
  • Outsource Partnership of the Year (Fexco and SEAI) 2014 shortlist
  • Best Training Programme (HETAC Level 6 Sales Through Service Programme) 2014 shortlist. Fexco was highly commended for this programme.

Best Customer Service Delivery, CCMA Awards 2013

The judges highlighted how they were “particularly impressed with how employees across the organisation, including the frontline staff in Fexco are engaged in shaping and refining business process in order to drive improved customer experiences. It is refreshing to observe a culture where frontline staff actively operate as customer advocates and where input and contribution truly does make a difference.

Excellent adoption of quality management to drive service excellence is clearly delivering unparalleled customer satisfaction scores and generating efficiency in work practices. We congratulate them on continuing to use their contact centre as an enabler of change to drive improvements across the organisation and setting the standard for customer service delivery in the Irish market place.”

The Public Sector Magazine

Public Sector Award

This year Fexco’s MBSO division won an Excellence in Managed Business Solutions and Outsourcing award within the Public Sector. Presented by Public Sector Magazine, Fexco won this award based on its outstanding service, continuity, track record and general excellence in business to public sector organisations.


CCA Audit 2014

We are extremely proud of the results of the 2014 CCA audit of Fexco MBSO. The CCA assessor stated that Fexco has moved from the top 10% of organisations assessed, to the top 1% in the industry.

The auditor provided the following comments on his report:

“It is pleasing to say that Fexco MBSO is a customer driven organisation that equips its people with the tools and knowledge to perform in a business excellence environment. This positive report is also reflected in the morale noted during discussions with all staff at all levels. They all feel challenged in this environment, but are seen to be enjoying the experience and this can be credited to the approach of Top Management. Employee satisfaction/morale score last year was 8.825 which is exceptional. This year a result of 9.3 over all contracts, across all sites is “fantastic!!” and clear evidence that the management effectiveness, training and style is achieving its stated aims. That result in my experience indicates a contact centre environment head and shoulders above its peers. Note: the 9.3 result is the first time any CC has scored more than 9 in my long experience of assessing in this field.”

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