Expense management services

Offering expense audit, administration services & bespoke expense management software.

Experts in audit, compliance, transaction processing and the delivery of managed solutions, we eliminate the pain-points of all areas of expenses, invoices and grant processing. We understand the challenges of aligning finance policies, procedures, systems, and behaviours and we create innovative solutions to address every scenario. Our offering spans a wide range of audit and administration services and the provision of our Expense Manager software and expenses app, all tailored to exceed your needs.

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Expense Management Services


Accuracy & efficiency

Seamless integration

Detailed reporting

Expense audit & administration services

Fexco eliminates the challenges associated with the processing of any type of financial transaction. We provide end-to-end tailored solutions benefiting our clients with optimum expense policy adherence, independent expert advice based on proven finance best practice, robust support and process management.

Expense manager software

Fexco's licensed online expense management software is tailored to your own finance policies and procedures. Used by organisations globally, it can cater for multiple currencies, geographies, rate bands, cost centres, and categories. Our software includes audit and VAT modules, an expense claims application with corporate card functionality and an invoice processing application.

Here's what our clients say...

“Fexco has provided dedicated and well-trained staff to our contract.”

North European customer

“Fexco has ensured a high level of policy and VAT compliance for our company in the areas outsourced.”

European client

“Fexco has provided excellent standards of work, which are now considered best practice.”

UK client

“Using Fexco’s Expense Management System across our world-wide locations has streamlined our expenses processing. We have the visibility and flexibility to manage reporting and expenditure as it suits us.”

Global company

“With Fexco’s pro-activity, experience and dedicated service, we have a solid arrangement to address the compliance and management of our commercial card spends.”

Pan-European client

“We appreciate the work of the Fexco Expense Management Team. We have received very positive feedback from the market about the reliability and predictability of payments.”

European client

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Delivering you more through our expense management services


We help companies to adhere to their finance policies and compliance requirements. We have the experience and technology to audit and process financial transactions such as employee expenses, commercial card spends, customer invoices, grant payments and much more.

Accuracy & efficiency

Sparing your finance department’s resources, our expense solutions ensure delivery of managed accurate and efficient processes from end to end. Since 2005, we have been delivering managed solutions to international organisations and have ensured the smooth implementation of tried and tested best practices.

Seamless integration

Looking for expense management software that easily integrates with your existing ERP system and ensures robust corporate governance? Our Expense Manager application meets all your requirements. Designed for optimum mobility, users can manage, scan and submit receipts while on-the-go.

Detailed reporting

Expense Manager’s analytical functionality provides full transparency of your financial transactions, workflows and company spend. With real-time spend analysis and flexible reporting, you can map trends and identify savings to maximise financial control.

Expense Management Solutions

Expertly managing your financial transactions

Each year Fexco Expense Management Services:

  • Audit thousands of international employee expense claims for policy and VAT compliance
  • Assess and process millions of corporate card transactions.
  • Reconcile, translate and process thousands of international invoices
  • Evaluate, audit and approve the issuance of over €20m in grant payments
  • Support and advise thousands of end-customers and employees in various administrative procedures

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Expense management solutions from Fexco

Fill in the details below and one of our expense management experts will contact you to discuss your specific requirements.