OpenConnect for Hospitality

Elevate your hotel payments experience to the next level

A fully integrated and tokenised hospitality solution connected to Oracle Payment Interface.

OpenConnect for hospitality is a fast, secure, robust, payments service that provides acquirer and merchants with omni-channel solution for card payments and alternative payment methods.

Open Connect brings simplicity to the Hotel payment landscape. Managing all payment flow complexity and compliance requirements so the hotel can present a frictionless and secure guest experience. Open Connect spans the hotel’s revenue lines to offer a complete financial view of the hotels business.

Based on the next generation of technology hotels future proof their investment in an evolving regulatory landscape. Open Connect provides PCI-DSS compliant EMV payment facilities that are integrated and certified with Oracle Hospitality – Payments:

Fexco Oracle Certification

OpenConnect Hospitality

Increased Security

Globally Connected

Revenue Management

Enhanced Guest Experience

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Delivering more for hotel payments


Online Merchant Portal

Centralised reporting facility with business intelligence functions ensuring easy and accurate reconciliation. 24/7 real time reporting available to elected users.



Our tokenisation system replaces sensitive card data with a unique identifier which is then used to retrieve transaction data to top up, pre authorise or cancel a transaction, ensuring sensitive data is never exposed


PCI-DSS Compliance

Fexco’s OpenConnect for hospitality is PCI compliant and complies with all global and local regulations and requirements.



End to end Protection of Critical card data through SRED and Tokenisation. This protects the hotel and their guests by ensuring all sensitive cardholder data is securely managed from the front end through to processing (For the entire transaction lifecycle).


Fully Integrated Solution

Our fully integrated product manages the transaction end to end: PIN Pad interaction, communication protocols, bank-specific message processing, and receipt formatting.



Dynamic Currency Conversion allows Visa & MasterCard card users to pay in their own currency, rather than the domestic currency of where they are making their purchase.

Supported Transaction Types

Pay at Reception

  • Pre-Auth
  • Incremental Auth (Top-up)
  • DCC
  • Completion
  • Sale/Refund
  • Auth Release/Void
  • Token Registration

Pay at Counter

  • Sale / Refund
  • DCC
  • Void
  • Voice Auth/Offline completion
  • Gratuity on Pin Pad
  • Batch file settlement

Pay at Table

  • Table/Check Lookup
  • Split Payment
  • Print Check
  • Sale/Refund
  • DCC
  • Void
  • Batch file settlement

Pay Online

  • Card Validation Auth
  • Pre Auth
  • Sale/Refund
  • DCC
  • Email Receipt
  • Token Registration

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