Elevate your cruise line payments experience to the next level

Omnichannel payment solutions for a frictionless payment experience

For cruise line operators seeking to enhance the convenience to customers paying by card in a variety of environments, coupled with the continually-escalating demands of data security and card payment industry regulations. Offering a consistent frictionless payment experience from reservations through to disembarkation.

OpenConnect4Cruise provides cruise line operators a single unified payment service, aggregating real-time and off-line/batch payment transactions across both cardholder present and cardholder not present environments, securely integrated with the cruise line operator’s payments Acquirer.

The service provides industry-compliant PCI-DSS security in all aspects of card payment from reservations (via both website and call centres) through embarkation, in-voyage and disembarkation stages of the guest experience

OpenConnect Cruise

PCI / DSS Compliant

Globally Connected

Omnichannel Capability

Enhanced Guest Experience

Delivering more for cruise payments


Agreed SLAs

OpenConnect is a service with agreed SLAs. Substantially reduces the need for operations and support within cruise operators.



A robust, fault-tolerant service which is continually industry, card aqcuirer and card scheme compliant.



Cruise operators have the benefit of the Global and industry-wide knowledge and experience which is inherent in OpenConnect services provision.


Core Business

Cruise operators can focus on core business without needing to become a payment specialist, a major benefit of outsourcing payment services via OpenConnect.


Predicable Costs

Predictable costs for the provision of OpenConnect services. Not cruise operator, Internal / IT development or support related.


A Single Solution

A single solution which covers all cruise operator's needs consistently across all cruise operator ships and brands.

Omnichannel services across all cruise line environments

Web / Reservations

  • Payment transactions conducted remotely by cardholder online, secured using OpenConnect Payment Interface.
  • Secure facility for cardholder card pre-registration / tokenisation

Call Centre / Guest Services

  • Payment transactions received from cardholders by telephone, secured using OpenConnect integration to secure keypad facilities and tokenisation.


  • Integration to ship property management system software
  • Authorisations and payment transactions including:
    • Pre-Auth /Inc Auth
    • Settlement Request
  • OpenConnect web portal / virtual terminal for:
    • Real-time sales
    • Transaction reporting and enquiries

Cruise Line Admin

  • Shore-side accounts and admin dept use of OpenConnect web portal / virtual terminal for:
    • Real-time sales
    • Transaction reporting and enquiries

OpenConnect for Cruise Features


Omnichannel Payments

Consolidating payments from a range of different channels to a single Service which operates to agreed SLAs provides Cruise Line operators with a continually compliant solution which they can rely.


PCI DSS De-Scoping

OpenConnect4Cruise is PCI DSS-compliant and removes Cruise Line operator systems (such as web and Property Management System environments) from PCI DSS Audit scope.


Security / Tokenisation

Tokenisation provides a mechanism for securing cardholder-sensitive data and adds security to Cruise Line operator operational processes.


Dynamic Currency Conversion

Provides convenience to cruise guests and an additional revenue stream to Cruise Line operators.


Acquirer Platform Interfaces

OpenConnect is maintained to be fully compliant with relevant Card Payment Acquirer processing systems, including industry-mandated enhancements so that Cruise Line operators don't need to.


Vendor-Agnostic Solution

Our services provision is impartial to equipment and software vendors in the industry allowing us to readily cooperate with any relevant 3rd parties needed to deliver the most meaningful and valuable solutions.

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