What is FEXCO Switch?

The FEXCO Switch is a switching technology that allows payment messages to be converted from one type to another and routed for further processing. The technology can be seen as ‘translation’ software which allows data to be shared between systems that are normally incompatible.

FEXCO Switch provides acquirers, merchants and payment processors with an innovative payments switching solution that brings the added benefit of unlocking additional revenue potential from foreign card transactions.

FEXCO Switch channels

FEXCO's Switch is offered to the following channels:


Payment Processors

Large Merchants

Benefits of FEXCO Switch

  • Time to Market

    Faster implementation times which leads to a reduction (60%+) in delivery to market. Quicker time to market for customers leads to new revenue stream more quickly.

  • Flexibility

    No changes required to the customer’s systems or software. FEXCO Switch safely connects to complex and critical legacy systems without disruption.

  • Communication

    Enables communication between companies and systems that are normally incompatible.

  • Reduced Cost

    FEXCO Switch is more cost-effective for organisations to in-source their processing and eliminate the cost of external payment service providers. It has ability to handle large transaction volumes cost-effectively and makes low per-transaction revenues more sustainable.

  • Security & Compliance

    The FEXCO Switch is hosted in Tier 1 data centres across multiple geographical locations, offering full redundancy and replication capability while being fully PCI-DSS Compliant.

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