What is Dynamic Currency Conversion?

DCC is the user-friendly, point-of-purchase service whereby international Visa & MasterCard card users can choose to pay in their own currency, rather than the domestic currency of where they are making their purchase.

FEXCO is the originator of Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) and is the global market leader in the provision of DCC services providing solutions to 100,000+ merchant locations with over 35 multi-currency enabled acquiring banks.

DCC for Cardholders allows:

  • Convenience

    Cardholders know how much they are spending in their home currency.

  • Transparency

    Full transparency on competitive foreign exchange rates and margins at the point of purchase.

  • Customer Choice

    Cardholders are given full choice to accept DCC or not when making their purchase with full visibility of the exchange rate and margin applied.

  • Exchange Rate

    Benefit from a locked-in competitive exchange rate when making a purchase.

  • Business Travel

    Simplifies expense account claims for business travellers.

  • No Additional Cost

    DCC is not an additional cost or fee; it simply replaces the normal currency conversion process applied by the card schemes and issuers.

FEXCO DCC Channels

FEXCO's DCC service is available on the following channels:

  • ATM
  • Point of Sale
  • eCommerce
  • Integrated Platforms
  • Call Centre
  • Kiosk
  • Mobile


Independent ATM owners and ATM acquirers can now generate additional revenue and provide greater customer service by providing upfront foreign exchange conversion for international cardholders through FEXCO Dynamic Currency Conversion at ATM service (DCC@ATMTM)

More About DCC@ATM

Point of Sale

DCC is available on POS terminals for customers paying with their card in the Card Present environment. FEXCO’s DCC enabled POS terminals automatically recognise eligible cards and prompts merchants to offer the DCC service to its customers. FEXCO is partnered with a number of terminal vendors including: VeriFone, Ingenico, Keycorp, PAX etc.



DCC is available for eCommerce customers paying with their card online. The eCommerce software on a website automatically recognises eligible cards and therefore the cardholder is offered the choice to pay in their home currency by using FEXCO’s DCC service. FEXCO offers over 100 currencies to merchants in the eCommerce environment.


Integrated Platforms

FEXCO’s DCC service is integrated with a large number of payment service providers to offer international cardholders the choice to pay in their home currency. The system automatically recognises eligible cards and the cardholder is offered the choice to pay in their home currency by using FEXCO’s DCC service. The DCC software will sit on merchants existing payment processing platform – allowing merchants to generate ancillary revenue from their international customers transactions. This option has proven very successful with high conversion rates and compliance is achieved easily through 'choice by technology'.


Call Centre

In the card not present environment, DCC is a common customer service feature offered to international customers paying for goods or services through a call centre. The currency recognition software available on the payments processing system automatically recognises eligible cards allowing merchants to present international customers the choice to pay in their home currency.



FEXCO’s DCC service is available for cardholders paying for goods or services on a kiosk. The currency recognition software on the kiosk identifies the international cardholder’s home currency and presents the customer with the choice to pay in their home currency. DCC is a particularly appealing option for merchants operating in busy, high-volume areas such as airports. DCC at the kiosk will generate an additional revenue when up-selling products such as extra luggage, additional legroom etc.



More than half of all eCommerce payments are now made via mobile devices either through the web or mobile apps.

mCommerce is simply too big to ignore and is a key component in providing an omnichannel experience for your customers. At FEXCO, we have experience in mCommerce and provide support and services to meet your needs. We can advise and guide you to implement DCC and MCP both online and in your apps to provide an excellent user experience while increasing both your available market as well as revenue.


DCC offers international cardholders the option to withdraw cash at an ATM in the local currency while viewing the exact cost of the transaction in their home currency. DCC thereby removes the currency conversion risk for the cardholder at the same time as giving clear price transparency.

  • 1DCC Enabled ATM

    Euro cardholder requests £100 GBP withdrawl on DCC enabled ATM in the UK.

  • 2ATM Authorisation Server

    Authorisation request for £100 GBP.

  • 3DCC rates request and response

    FEXCO’S Online Currency Recognition and Rates Service.

  • 4DCC Enabled ATM

    DCC offer of £100 GBP or €123.76 EUR. Rate of exchange of 1.2376 (includes agreed margin).

  • 5ATM Authorisation Server

    Cardholder selects €123.76 EUR.

  • 6Visa/MasterCard Card Schemes

    Authorisation request and response for €123.76 EUR.

  • 7DCC Enabled ATM

    Authorisation response for €123.76 EUR.

  • 8Cash Dispensed

    £100 GBP dispensed to cardholder and DCC compliant receipt printed.

DCC Benefits for ATM Owners and Cardholders

ATM Owner Benefits

  • Increased Revenue

    DCC@ATMTM generates an additional revenue stream from existing international transactions.

  • Zero FX Risk

    There is no foreign exchange risk for the ATM owner - this is fully managed and absorbed by FEXCO.

  • Guaranteed Commission Share

    FEXCO's Fully Managed Treasury Solution guarantees the ATM owner their agreed commission.

  • Real Time Reporting

    Full suite of reconciliation reports to support daily settlements — no delay in understanding settlement amounts due from card schemes.

  • MIS Reporting

    Access to FEXCO’s online reporting system allowing detailed analysis of DCC transactions.

Cardholder Benefits

  • Transparent Transactions

    Experience instant conversion to a familiar currency.

  • Customer Choice Cardholders

    Cardholders are given the choice to pay in their home currency with full disclosure of exchange rate and margin.

  • Competitive Transactions Cardholders

    Cardholders enjoy a competitive foreign exchange rate.

  • No Additional Cost DCC is not an additional cost or fee

    It simply replaces the normal currency conversion process applied by the card schemes and issuers.

  • Business Travel

    Simplifies expense account claims for business travellers.

Merchant Vertical Markets

Our DCC solution is available across the following verticals:

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Pay via credit card in your own currency and get more!

By choosing to pay by credit card in your own currency, you have the certainty of knowing the exact value of your purchase at the point of sale.

The exchange rates offered are comparable with those used by VISA and MasterCard. We aim to provide the best rate at all times. If you obtain a better exchange rate on another transaction on the same day from your card issuer (taking account of any currency conversion fees your card issuer may charge), we will refund the difference.

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