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FEXCO Energy offers end-to-end energy management services in Ireland. FEXCO provides services from the initial audit and consumption metering analysis to verification of your carbon emissions and energy savings using FEXCO’s patented intelligent energy analytics software platform.

FEXCO is also unique in that we offer asset finance on any required product or software upgrades to bring the organisation forward in terms of efficiency. FEXCO’s existing MBSO division can also provide support in the application of grants and funding for initiatives.

Achieving Ireland’s 20% energy efficiency target could reduce energy spend across the economy by an estimated €2.3bn annually; there are a lot of savings for companies to make by becoming more efficient. Sustainable energy could also support at least 30,000 jobs by 2020.


Market Sectors

We have experience in creating significant energy efficiencies across a range of market sectors. A measurement of 180 Large Industry Energy Network companies in Ireland achieved savings of 32,000GWh saved an aggregate €1.17billion in energy expenditure.

FEXCO Energy Management Process

We follow an 8-step approach to finding solutions for our clients. We engage with our clients at every step. Initially we conduct detailed analysis through metering and measuring energy usage for all fuel sources. We assist our clients achieve more cost efficient solutions and concise data information and provide a long-term view towards achieving energy savings, significant carbon emission reductions and realise carbon credits and year-on-year cost savings.

  1. Energy Review

    Initial analysis of usage completed by expert energy consultant.

  2. Action Plan

    Monitor usage, set EnPIs, determine energy cost centres.

  3. Implementation

    Create energy saving opportunities register.

  4. Monitoring

    Continuous monitoring.

  1. Analysis & Action

    Cost benefit analysis, corrective & preventive actions.

  2. Energy Audit

    Internal energy audit.

  3. Optimisation

    Optimisation of business process efficiency.

  4. Sustainable

    Continuous improvement & refine energy policies and practices.

Our Solutions


Integrates your energy consumption data with our augmented business intelligence technology.


FEXCO Asset Finance provides capital for leasing and hire purchase of goods e.g. energy plant equipment.


Transparent and accurate bills based on actual energy usage across multi-sites.


Advice and Assistance with funding and grant applications.


Providing a 24/7 view of your energy consumption.


Provide a full suite of services including metering, energy audits, consumption reduction plans.


Provide a full range of energy efficiency related services.

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