An independent partner providing our customers with bespoke and risk free technology solutions.

Proven track record in delivering secure, flexible and robust payment systems resulting in reduced cost and time to market.

Providing expert knowledge of cross-border payment transactions, and delivering solutions that result in long lasting partnerships.

FEXCO provides a global network with local market knowledge and expertise.

Tailored and Flexible end-to-end payment solutions

Our Intelligent Transaction Services infrastructure offers a complete end-to-end payment solution.

FEXCO offers the ultimate flexibility when it comes to maximising the number of transaction devices and destinations available to our clients. As well as providing technology solutions we at the same time focus on areas where we can add uniqueness and value in our solutions to deliver tangible business benefits.

Additionally, FEXCO provides unrivalled treasury management expertise and promise. Our Transaction Services are underpinned by our comprehensive treasury management & banking infrastructure which allows us to settle funds in any currency all over the globe quickly and efficiently.

Future Proof Your Infrastructure

FEXCO Transaction Services provides a secure future proof infrastructure enhanced by a wide range of business services and client specific features which facilitate an end-to-end transaction solution for merchant’s acquirers and card schemes.

Transaction Gateway

The latest payment device and transaction integration technology brings together payment sources from both physical and remote environments into an Omni-Channel solution.

FEXCO Transaction Services Infographic

Why Choose FEXCO?

  • Track Record

    Built upon a foundation of proven technical infrastructure, excellent skill base and low cost for new customers for over 20 years.

  • Revenue Sharing

    Provide revenue sharing capabilities for our partners.

  • Flexibility

    Ultimate flexibility when it comes to ensuring our clients payment needs are met.

  • Independent

    Independently owned by management and staff.

  • Financial Strength

    Ireland’s largest privately owned company which has been profitable since its inception.

  • Non-Compete Guarantee

    We don’t compete with partners or affiliate.

  • Problem Solvers

    We make our clients problems our own ensuring every problem is addressed resulting in reduced cost and time to market.

  • Partner Focused

    Reliable and independent partner with a long term commitment to growing relationships while understanding your business and sector.

  • Global

    Operational in 28 countries world-wide offering global support with local knowledge and expertise.

  • Risk Free

    FEXCO reduces the risk associated with payment transactions.

  • Cross-Border

    Expert knowledge on cross-border transactions guaranteeing unparalleled knowledge and expertise.

Solutions and Offerings

FEXCO Transaction Services can be provided on a modular basis with a range of features and components at the heart of our Boutique Payment Platform:


Incorporating the latest technology in security and data protection.


Secure access for merchants, acquirers and clients for transaction reporting.

Switching technology

Utilises the latest switching technology for multi message protocol.


24×7 operational support is provided by an in house operational team at FEXCO.

White Labelling

Can be provided on white label basis.

Value Added Services

FEXCO Transaction Services can enables Value Added Services at the POS.


FEXCO Transaction Services can integrate to clients existing and legacy systems.

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