Cyber security & payments fraud

Is your secure payment process really that secure?

Due to the recent tide of commercial fraud worldwide, global spending on cyber security products and services is predicted to exceed $1 trillion over the next five years. Businesses need to prevent, measure, identify and report security breaches and fraud quickly by making cyber security an essential foundation of the organisation. Watch our webinar to discover:

  • How cybercrime affects payment processing and its cost on business
  • How organisations can recognise and prevent internal and external fraud
  • How secure payment solutions can protect your data and brand reputation

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Cyber Security

About us

Fexco uses innovative payments technology to process payments both securely and cost effectively for business and personal customers. Eliminate manual tasks from your Accounts Payable operation with a more streamlined payment process that allows you to focus on strategic initiatives instead of back-office financial operations.

Secure (ISO27001 certified)

Regulated entity

Varied payment approval levels

Bank account validation tools

Heres what our clients say...

“Fexco delivered a superb personalised service. In looking to exchange a significant amount of money to fund a property purchase, I was keen to achieve the best rates possible whilst utilising the time i had before contract exchange. The daily updates, direct “rate watching” service and being able to agree firm order triggers, meant I was able to achieve all that I set out to, thanks to the service that Fexco supplied”

Graeme Duncan, Personal Client, Essex

“I use Fexco for regular transfers to families in Kenya, which are executed promptly at the best exchange rate. Since I started using the services of Fexco, I have found it very easy to send money to those families, to help them to provide secondary education for their children. The service is exemplary, with the team always available to explain every detail of my transfer. Simple easy and professional service. Thank you, Tim and staff at Fexco.”

Fr. Denis J. O’Mahony, Personal Client, Kerry.

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Safe, secure & compliant

As a regulated financial institution Fexco Corporate Payments uses robust client asset procedures to keep your funds protected.

In October 2016, Fexco Corporate Payments became the first Irish payments provider to achieve the esteemed ISO 27001 Certification.