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Foreign invoice processing for a world leader

24 Jan 2017
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When Fexco Expense Management Services sat down with a North American company, a global leader in the communications technology sector, specialising in the area of telecom expense management, the task at hand was to assist that client in providing services to their customers.

The services Fexco provide are specifically tailored to meet their clients’ needs and to eliminate their particular challenges. Since no two clients are alike, Fexco are continually developing service arrangements to address various scenarios.

This company required Fexco to do four main things:

  • Collate information on pan-European vendor set-up arrangements.
  • Capture foreign invoices data for upload to their system.
  • Track, manage and transfer data on end-customers’ transactions.
  • Reduce the client’s processing time to maximise their customer service efficiencies.

Fexco addressed the requirements by utilising their multi-lingual and administrative capabilities, their bespoke Expense Manager Foreign Invoice processing system, and by integrating with their clients own technology in order to:

  • Translate and document the required set-up arrangements of pan-European vendors.
  • Create a secure platform for the capture and seamless transfer of data into the client’s system.
  • Provide data for the client’s management of the accounts and for the end-customers’ VAT reporting.
  • Tracking and manage the flow of hard- and soft-copy end-customer invoices.

The outcome is how success is measured and the results set the bar high in foreign invoice processing.

The Fexco EMS solution delivered:

  1. A reference tool for client on European vendor set-up requirements.
  2. Daily data feeds of reconciled customer invoices into client’s system.
  3. Fully reconciled foreign invoices.
  4. Fast, accurate capture of end-customers billed details (credits, discounts, VAT, amounts owed, deadlines, etc.).
  5. Reduced processing time and costs.
  6. End-to-end transaction tracking and document management.
  7. No rework, translation, technological or administrative burdens for the client.

A leader in the foreign invoice processing space, Fexco understands, reconciles and captures invoice data for integration with client or end-customer systems.

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