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Fexco CFX is rebranding as Fexco Corporate Payments

17 Feb 2016
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As has been the case for more than 30 years in business, the voice of our customer is the most important thing to us. Having asked for, and received feedback from our clients, Fexco CFX is rebranding to Fexco Corporate Payments.

Why have we decided to do this?

We introduced the Fexco CFX trading name because we are a market leader in helping our clients to save money on foreign currency payments. However, our clients see us as their go-to partner for dealing with all kinds of payments queries and problems, including (but not limited to) foreign exchange – therefore the Corporate Payments name better captures how our customers perceive our service benefits.

Our customers know they can rely on us to make all of their payments more efficient no matter what their requirements, whether it’s making a saving on better exchange rates or making hundreds of payments at the click of a button. We are recognised as a payment solutions provider that saves money for clients through better FX, lower transaction fees, and efficient integrated processes. That’s why government bodies, large corporates, SMEs and personal customers choose Fexco as their payments partner. Our business relationships have spanned not just years but decades, testament to our outstanding customer support and our tailored approach to our clients’ payments needs:

Our trading name Fexco Corporate Payments has been launched on our PayDirect payments platform as well as on the Fexco Group website.

Introducing the new PayDirect


The online PayDirect platform is an essential tool which our clients use to channel payments worldwide in multiple currencies. Although we regularly add new functionality to the PayDirect platform, our design has remained much the same. In line with our rebrand, we have decided to update the look and feel of PayDirect for the benefit of our clients user experience.

Apart from the new look and feel, some new functionality changes have been introduced:

  • ‘Quick Links’: A dropdown menu for frequently used menu options. This menu will now be displayed on all pages to help clients navigate quickly to the tools they need.
  • Customised user data: showing information including last login date and time.
  • ‘Maintain Payee’ Page: A new user friendly layout to enhance the client experience.


PayDirect will continue to offer the same quality service to all of our online customers:

  • Security: Two Factor Authentication
  • Speed: Easy and quickly execute payments
  • ERP Integration: Easy bank file integration for business customers
  • Market Leading Rates
  • Over 150 Currencies

If you have any queries regarding these changes, please do not hesitate to get in touch (Ireland: 1800 246 800 UK: 0800 840 2887). We’d love to hear from you!

Fexco Corporate Payments has been providing payment solutions to business and personal customers for over 30 years. Register online for a free account with no obligation to trade and get access to our online system, allowing you the convenience to make secure payments whatever your location.

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