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Expense software + expense managed service = best in class

22 Feb 2017
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T & E software is all the rage. However, it is just that, software. It still needs the focus and commitment of the finance team. By giving employees the necessary software, and then by switching to a managed expense solution, companies can greatly reduce costs, achieve optimum compliance, and give time back to their employees (both on the street and in the finance office), to focus on growing the business.

Why expense management services?

  • Potential to reduce processing costs by between 60%-70%.
  • Reduce claim reimbursement times by as much as 70%.
  • Bespoke reporting based on specific needs and not what an out of the box software product gives you (and charges you for).
  • Compliance rates in excess of 90%.
  • Implement expense management services with Fexco’s Expense Manager Software or that of your current vendor.
  • Simple and seamless integration.
  • Multi jurisdiction, multi currency.
  • Policy compliant audits.
  • VAT analysis.
  • Travel/Event/Purchase Card and invoice reconciliation.
  • “No touch” expense claim processing.
  • Employee help desk.
  • Employee reminder service.
  • PO boxes for hard copies.
  • Receipt Logging and tracking.
  • Batching and barcoding.
  • Archiving.
  • Quick return on investment.

Expense Management Services can be provided in a stand-alone environment OR on the client’s own system OR on our system OR in any variation of the above process flows. In short, administration services and technological arrangements vary widely to suit the client’s needs.

Why choose Fexco EMS?

Our managed services utilise state of the art technology in line with specific workflows which helps achieve best-in-class expense management processes.

  • We can provide our Expense Manager Software, state of the art, mobile, and affordable.
  • Direct card feeds, including Corporate card, P-card, and Event card.
  • VAT reporting in all jurisdictions.
  • Foreign Invoice Processing and secure FTP data transfer.
  • Sample audits on expense claims.
  • No hidden costs (our system includes all reporting and administrative functions).
  • Fully complaint.
  • Full support for employees, administrators and beyond.
  • Reporting tailored to the client.

With over 20 years’ experience in providing solutions in the employee-incurred expenses space, we know the importance of managing expense claims and commercial card spend efficiently, accurately and promptly. Understanding the needs of our clients has enabled us to develop a diverse portfolio of services to meet their challenges. Fexco provides comprehensive and innovative expense management solutions to customers internationally. From customised processing and audit services through to customer-specific technology solutions, Fexco’s Expense Management Services span all aspects of the employee-incurred expenses arena.

Established in 1981, Fexco is a multinational business solutions provider with operations in 29 countries worldwide. Fexco is an award-winning organisation.

If you would like to speak to someone at Fexco EMS regarding the services we provide or would like a free trial of our Expense Manager employee expense management software, please contact or visit our website.

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