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Airline payments: Choosing the right solution for your business

15 Jul 2015
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Choosing between implementing Multi Currency Pricing (MCP) or Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) as your airline payments solution can be a difficult one. At a glance, both appear to be similar, but the key differentiator is when the payment currency is chosen by the traveller. MCP allows the cardholder to make a currency choice at the start of the booking process so that all prices throughout—and the final payment—are in their selected currency. DCC allows the cardholder to pay for a flight and other services in their home currency at the point of purchase determined by the currency their card was issued in instead of the currency offered by the airline.

Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP)

With MCP, the traveller selects the preferred currency before they begin to navigate the website and are able to book and pay for their flight and any other services in the selected currency providing a more customised shopping experience. While MCP delivers new revenue in the same way as DCC, it’s also a key part of localising and personalising the website to attract overseas cardholders. Research has shown that cardholders are more likely to visit websites that allow them to shop and pay in their own currency which results in higher sales and lower booking abandonments.

MCP is supported by the world’s leading card brands as well as other established payment types such as PayPal. Where all of the prices on the website are displayed in the chosen currency, airlines can tailor their payment pages to offer different payment types based on the selected currency and cardholder profiles from a frequent flyer programme. For example, an airline can choose to offer Poli to Australian cardholders, Alipay to Chinese cardholders and iDeal to Dutch cardholders.

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

Where the DCC offer is made on the payment page, the cardholder has already selected their flight and related services in the currency of departure. The benefit of DCC to the cardholder is the increased transparency in the payment process, providing complete clarity on what their final bill will be. The main benefits to the airline include generating a new revenue stream by replacing foreign exchange services normally delivered by the card company, and on top of that, improving cardholder experience and service. DCC is currently offered to Visa and MasterCard cardholders.

With DCC, cardholders are presented with a clear choice to accept or decline a DCC offer. So, the percentage of cardholders accepting a DCC offer will vary by implementation and cardholder profile.

DCC can be implemented on your airline’s website with ease by simply modifying the website’s payment page.

Best fit airline payments solution?

Because of its nature, MCP is predominantly available for online, mobile and kiosk sales. DCC is available across all airline direct channels including inflight and lounge sales. A mix of both can be implemented in certain situations to meet the needs of airlines across their full range of cardholder contact points.

Both MCP and DCC can also be implemented in full compliance with IATA rules.

The table below outlines some of the key differences between MCP and DCC to assist airlines in choosing the best fit for them:


Multi-Currency Pricing (MCP)

Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC)

When does the traveller choose?

Start of the booking process / Before the payment page Payment Page

Channels supported

Web, mobile and kiosk All direct channels (ATO/CTOs, call centres, PoS, MOTO, web, mobile and kiosk)

Key benefits

– Cardholder clarity on price while booking and paying

– Zero risk of FX exposure for cardholder

– Increased sales

– Decreased payment abandonment

– New revenue stream for airline

– Cardholder clarity on final price

– Cardholder transparency on FX rate and margin applied

– Zero risk of FX exposure for cardholder

– New revenue stream for airline

Payment types supported

All major cards and a range of other established payment types Visa and MasterCard

Whether integrating MCP or DCC as a stand-alone solution, or an amalgamation of both, airlines are ensuring that their customers are benefiting from the choice to pay in their home currency.

MCP and DCC as your airline payments solution

Fexco’s core competency is Treasury and Cash Management; we know that the world of currency conversion services, including MCP and DCC, can be daunting. We can arrange a call to go through the basics of MCP or DCC and the key factors that an airline should consider when choosing a currency conversion strategy for your payments.

Contact Fexco’s dedicated Airline Sales Manager, Álvaro Diez, who has over ten years’ experience in the airline sector to discuss how Fexco’s MCP and DCC service can improve your passenger’s payment experience while also generating a new revenue stream:


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