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10 free & useful apps for your move overseas

22 Oct 2015
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Moving abroad is probably one of the biggest decisions one ever has to make in a lifetime. From gathering and boxing possessions to stressing about healthcare in your new country, there is so much to consider. To say this is a daunting prospect is an understatement, but Fexco Corporate Payments have compiled a handy list of the ten apps you should not be without to make your transition to your new life abroad as seamless as possible.

Before you go

Expat Forum: This is one of the largest Expat forums around and their free Android and iPhone app gives full access to the community forum. Ideal for members wishing to move abroad, all major expat locations are covered including America, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa and a host of other exotic locations. Forum members who are familiar with your destination can answer all questions you may have at the research stage of your planning. Android iOS

Trello: Take the stress out of organising your move with Trello. Not just for business, this app lets you track all of your moving projects by using Lists and cards. Divide your lists into mini projects like ‘to do’, ‘in progress’ or ‘complete’ and move each item along until finished. Cards contain particular features like labels for categorising items, checklists and reminders with notification to your device. Android iOS


Translation tools

Duolingo: Brush up on your language skills before you go with this handy learning app. This free and fun way of learning allows users to improve their Spanish, French, German, Italian and many more languages at their own pace. A must-have for those thinking of relocating to a non English speaking destination. Android iOS

Google Translate: With over 90 languages in its database, this app allows you to type, speak, or write a query and Google Translate will respond in the target language. With Word Lens you point the smartphone camera at a sign and the app will translate instantly, ideal for translating street signs in a foreign city. Android iOS

When you’re there

AroundMe: If you haven’t yet fully researched your new destination before you travel, AroundMe allows you to quickly find out information about your new surroundings. It identifies your position and allows you to identify the nearest restaurant, supermarket, petrol station and much more as well as detailing proximity and directions. Android iOS

Liana – Connecting Expats: With Liana, you can connect, meet, chat and forge new friendships with people from your native land who now live in your new country. After you set up your profile and choose your location, a map will show other members nearby who you can choose to message. This is an ideal addition for those wishing to extend their social circles in an unfamiliar land. Android iOS

Keeping in touch

WhatsApp: Keep in touch with those at home for less with this ever popular app. Exchange messages without having to pay for SMS. There’s no extra charge to send WhatsApp messages internationally, so you can chat with your friends around the globe and avoid international SMS charges. Make sure you have a Wi-Fi connection to minimise costs. Although free for the first year, there may be a $0.99 USD/year charge thereafter. Android iOS

WiFiMapper: Growing in popularity and hardly surprising, this app allows users to save on roaming fees when abroad by locating over 2 million recommended free Wi-Fi hotspots in all major cities. WifiMapper can also tell you what kind of venue it is and even rates how good the coffee is in each. Check out the comments from the community and help further by tagging hotspots in your area as free when you see them. Android iOS



Doctoralia: One of the more essential apps everybody moving abroad should consider downloading, Doctoralia locates doctors and medical centres and, in particular, those closest to the user. The app can be used in 21 countries worldwide including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia & UAE. Users may also contact each health centre and make appointments through the app. Reviews from other users on health professionals are also available making it the ideal companion for your overseas medical needs. Android iOS

iTriage: Another useful medical app, iTriage gives the user access to a huge database of medical and healthcare services, including pharmacies. This excellent application also allows the user to self-diagnose minor injuries and advises on whether medical attention is required. iTriage Doctor Search lets you find any doctor or physician quickly and easily anywhere in the world. Simply enter your location and the app will list all available services with contact details and directions. Android iOS

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