Fexco is the world leader in the provision of Dynamic Currency Conversion.

As a part of Fexco Group, which was established in 1981, we have developed significant partnerships with Acquirers, merchants and channel partners across the world. Over the years, Fexco has developed extensive experience and expertise in the market. Our scalable operations offer our partners the best of service, technology and partnership.

Types of Third Party Providers

  • 1Payment Service Providers Expand for more

    Fexco has developed close partnerships with many of the world’s leading Payment Service Provider (PSP) companies. These partners are a key part of our global reach and offering’s for the eCommerce sector. Through our PSP partners, eCommerce merchants can avail of DCC with limited integration efforts. For the PSP’s, Fexco’s DCC service opens up an additional revenue stream and adds value to the PSP’s merchant proposition.

    Benefits to PSP’s

    • Ease of Integration

      Fexco works with the PSP providing key technical components of the service, specifications and implementation guidelines as well as the project and technical support to facilitate the build-out and implementation of the solution. Fexco provides this service through several integration options including XML and REST.

    • Value-Add Service to Merchants

      The PSP can integrate with FEXCO to provide DCC functionality to their merchants through their API and hosted payment pages. DCC is an excellent value added feature for both existing and new merchants as it requires little work on their part to add the functionality to their website.

    • Additional Revenue

      Adding DCC to PSP solutions provides PSP’s and merchants with a new source of revenue from the merchants existing customer base.

    • Work with an Experienced Team

      FEXCO has implemented DCC with several third party partners through the years. We have extensive experience tailoring our solution to compliment the infrastructure of our technology partners. We also have key personnel in all of the relevant disciplines who are solely focused on the provision of the DCC service.

      Our lists of world-leading PSP partners include:

      • Realex Payments
      • Secure Trading
      • Ogone
      • Asiapay
      • Cybersource
      • Sabre
      • ATOS
      • MasterCard
      • PXP
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    In the terminal business, Fexco has a very strong track record, having enabled DCC across a wide specturm of terminal vendor solutions.

    Some of the terminal vendor solutions that Fexco has enabled in the marketplace today with DCC include:

    • VeriFone
    • Ingenico
    • Keycorp
    • PAX
  • 3Integrated Solutions Expand for more

    Fexco has extensive experience in providing DCC solutions to integrated service providers.

    Client examples include:

    • AJB
    • MICROS
    • Six
    • Sagepay

    Fexco has integrated with many of the main Property Management Systems (PMS) popular in the market. Primary among these PMS solutions is Micros Fidelio/SIX (3C) combinations, which we have deployed extensively across Europe. SIX (3C) is a key partner of Fexco in offering DCC to the hospitality market.

  • 4E-Commerce Expand for more

    Fexco is the world leader in the provision of Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) to the eCommerce market. Fexco currently provide products to airlines, transport, retail, hospitality and ticketing sectors. We fully understand Merchant needs and deliver high performance robust solutions to mission critical standards.

    In addition to our eCommerce partners, Fexco has also completed a number of integrations with large scale core reservation applications in the e-commerce sector such as:

    • Navitaire
    • Travelocity
    • Amadeus

Fexco Dynamic Currency Conversion Details

Registered address: Fexco Centre, Iveragh Road, Killorglin, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Call us on:

Ireland: 1800 402123
UK: 0800 838 441
International: +353 66 9761 258

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