Hotels are increasingly trying to reduce their costs while improving customer service and attracting new guests. DCC offers your international guests the choice to pay their hotel bill in their home currency, rather than the domestic currency of where they are staying. DCC allows your international guest to view the final sale amount of their transaction in a familiar currency.

Fexco have implemented a range of technology solutions for hotel and restaurant groups, enabling them to provide DCC to their customers at point of sale and through their e-commerce platforms. The extra revenue stream provided by our integrated treasury and cash management service has resulted in millions of dollars of extra profits across this sector. As always, the merchant is never exposed to foreign exchange risks as this is fully absorbed by Fexco.

Benefits to Hotels and Guests

Benefits to Hotels

  • Increased Revenue

    DCC generates an additional revenue stream from existing international transactions.

  • Zero FX Risk

    There is no foreign exchange risk for the Hotel – this is fully managed and absorbed by Fexco.

  • Guaranteed Commission Share

    Fexco’s Fully Managed Treasury Solution guarantees the Hotel their agreed commission.

  • Real Time Reporting

    Full suite of reconciliation reports to support daily settlements – no delay in understanding settlement amounts due from card schemes.

  • MIS Reporting

    Access to Fexco’s online reporting system allowing detailed analysis of DCC operations.

Benefits to Your Guests

  • Transparent Transactions

    Experience instant conversion to a familiar currency.

  • Customer Choice

    Cardholders are given the choice to pay in their home currency with full disclosure of exchange rate and margin.

  • Competitive Transactions

    Cardholders enjoy a competitive foreign exchange rate.

  • No Additional Cost

    DCC is not an additional cost or fee; it simply replaces the normal currency conversion process applied by the card schemes and issuers.

Fexco Dynamic Currency Conversion Details

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