Fexco has been the premier provider of DCC and treasury solutions to the airline sector over the last 19 years. We have invested heavily in DCC for the airline sector and leads the market in the amount of pre-integrations completed with reservation providers and GDS’s such as Navitaire and Sabre.

Our commercial and technical flexibility has been crucial in the drive to supply a service that matches the business model and local market conditions of our diverse customer base. Driving ancillary revenue has been a cornerstone of airlines revenue and profitability strategy for a number of years and DCC has underpinned this strategy successfully.

Fexco is the only provider to the airline sector who brings the level of GDS pre integrations, established Acquiring and PSP connections and the capability to drive DCC across all sales channels such as online, call centre, ticket desk and kiosk sales.

Benefits to Airlines and Passengers

Airline Benefits

  • Increased Revenue

    DCC generates an additional revenue stream from existing international transactions.

  • Zero FX Risk

    There is no foreign exchange risk for the Airline or its passengers – this is fully managed and absorbed by Fexco.

  • Guaranteed Commission Share

    Fexco’s Fully Managed Treasury Solution guarantees the Airline their agreed commission.

  • Settlement Currency Choice

    Manage excess foreign currencies by availing of Fexco’s Settlement Currency Choice option. With this service, Airline Carriers have DCC transactions settled in a different currency to the price currency.

  • Real Time Reporting

    Access to Fexco’s online reporting tool for interactive and dashboard reports that allow comprehensive tracking and monitoring of the entire DCC opportunity.

Passenger Benefits

  • Transparent Transactions

    Experience instant conversion to a familiar currency.

  • Customer Choice

    Cardholders are given the choice to pay in their home currency with full disclosure of exchange rate and margin.

  • Competitive Transactions

    Cardholders enjoy a competitive foreign exchange rate.

  • No Additional Cost

    It simply replaces the normal currency conversion process applied by the card schemes and issuers.

  • Business Travel

    Simplifies expense account claims for business travellers.

Fexco Dynamic Currency Conversion Details

Registered address: Fexco Centre, Iveragh Road, Killorglin, Co. Kerry, Ireland

Call us on:

Ireland: 1800 402123
UK: 0800 838 441
International: +353 66 9761 258

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