Fexco is the global market leader in the provision of Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) to merchants globally. The DCC service delivers real value to merchants and customers through upfront conversion of foreign purchases.

Customers benefit from a fully transparent and competitive exchange rate for card purchases made abroad. With Fexco’s service, the cardholder is offered a choice to pay in their home currency or the merchant’s currency at the point of sale.

Once a currency is selected by the cardholder, the transaction remains in that currency throughout the entire transaction and settlement process. As such, both the merchant and cardholder know the exact sale amount at the time of the purchase, so no more waiting and guessing conversion rates. DCC is a more precise and reliable way to process your international sales.

Merchant Vertical Markets

Fexco’s currency conversion solutions are offered across a number of different verticals:

Benefits for Merchants

  • Experience and Expertise

    Fexco have over 19 years’ experience of currency conversion solutions for the payments industry.

  • Revenue Maximisation

    Capitalise on the total opportunity by offering DCC on more currencies. Fexco distribute rates for over 1,000 currency pairs.

  • Financial Strength & Stability

    Fexco have the financial strength and expertise to invest in our partners and we commit to long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.

  • No Hidden FX Margins

    Complete disclosure and traceability of foreign exchange rate margin setting process. Fexco will agree the FX margin to be applied to a Reuters Wholesale Interbank Rate.

  • Speed to Market

    Fexco are already partnered with multiple Passenger Service Systems, online booking engines and other third party technical payment providers.

  • Card Scheme Compliance

    Fexco firmly believe in the longevity of DCC as a product and advocate transparency and disclosure to cardholders in accordance with card scheme compliance requirements.

  • Partnership Support

    Fexco provide superior support to our clients as part of our established Partnership Support Programme to assist them to effectively promote and offer DCC and drive revenue maximization.

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