Multi-currency payment solution for international eCommerce

Improve the international customer buying experience while generating extra revenue.

Fexco’s Multi-currency pricing is an eCommerce payment solution that allows your international customers to browse online and pay in their preferred currency with full disclosure of exchange rate.

Unlock new revenue from existing international payments

Fexco multi-currency pricing

Increase customer loyalty

Maximise your overseas sales

Improve website conversions

Zero FX risk to your business

What is multi-currency pricing

What is Fexco Multi-Currency Pricing?

  • An eCommerce payment solution that allows your customers to browse and pay in their preferred currency.
  • You can alter the rate margins per currency allowing you to vary prices according to a customer’s nationality and price sensitivity.
  • Our business intelligence reporting tool provides detailed insights on your international customer base and customer spending trends.
  • Multi-Currency Pricing presents massive opportunities for online sellers with international sales requirements.

Our solution benefits your customer & your business

Increase customer loyalty

Reduced enquiries and chargebacks by offering your international online customers a localised buying experience with price clarity.

Maximise your overseas sales

Gain insights into your overseas customer base and reach new customers with localised pricing on over 120 currencies.

Improve website conversions

Allowing customers to browse and pay in their own currency decreases your cart abandonment with no need to leave your site to check exchange rates.

Zero FX risk to your business

With Multi-Currency Pricing there is no foreign exchange risk for your business or your customers as this is fully managed and absorbed by Fexco.

fully compliant solution

Fully scheme compliant

Fexco employ compliance arrangements designed to secure compliance with all legal, Regulatory and Industry requirements to which the business is subject. We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of professional and ethical standards in the conduct of our business.


Grow revenue from existing international online visitors

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