Grow international eCommerce with Fexco's Dynamic Currency Conversion

Improve the international customer buying experience while generating extra revenue.

DCC@ECOM gives international online customers the choice to pay in their home currency with full disclosure of exchange rate and margin, experiencing instant conversion to a familiar currency.

How it works

Unlock new revenue from existing international payments

DCC at ecommerce

Generate an additional revenue stream

Encourage new & repeat online sales

Zero FX risk to your business

Superior user experience

Here's what our partners say...

“In this extremely competitive industry it is necessary for our technology to be fully up to speed and localized. This ensures we stay on top of our game. Fexco contributed to a smooth and professional implementation of DCC with our systems. Our customers can pay in their own currency at booking stage and can continue to do so throughout their journey with us. I would highly recommend Fexco and their staff, we were very impressed by their knowledge of the airline sector.”

Olga Troshina, Head of e-Commerce, airBaltic Corporation

“Fexco DCC is an excellent service and has been very well received by our merchants. We very much like the personal approach of Fexco and trust them with our merchants. The Fexco service is a fully compliant system and our merchants have found it very easy to use.”

Laura Quijano, Product Manager Acquiring, Barlclaycard

“We partnered with Fexco in 2002 and I can say it has been a smart and successful decision for our business. From the start Fexco delivered first class service. The integration of Fexco’s DCC product into our own operating system was seamless. Also, the training that staff received at the outset as well as the regular update training is exceptional. I am delighted to partner with Fexco and would recommend their products and service without hesitation.”

Katie Mabbett, Head of Retail Operations, Harrods

Delivering you more from eCommerce payments

Generate an additional revenue stream

Maximise your earning capabilities by generating a new source of revenue for your business from existing international online sales.

Encourage new & repeat online sales

Increase the opportunity for new and repeat online business for the long-term by offering greater customer choice and transparency for your customers at checkout.

Zero FX risk to your business

With Dynamic Currency Conversion there is no foreign exchange risk for your business or your customers as this is fully managed and absorbed by Fexco.

Superior user experience

By offering Dynamic Currency Conversion at checkout you will provide an easier way for customers to keep track of their online spend when they pay in their home currency.

Maximise your overseas sales

Gain insights into your overseas customer base and reach new customers with localised pricing on over 120 currencies.

Real time reporting

Our business intelligence reporting tool provides detailed insights on your international customer base and customer spending trends.

True collaborators with the eCommerce industry

We work with our partners; supporting, challenging and developing ingenious products for today and the future.

Integration support

Leverage our experienced and highly qualified professional services team to ensure successful DCC@ECOM implementations.

Technical support

We pride ourselves on our best-in-class technical partner support, facilitating seamless integration of the DCC@ECOM solution.

Revenue support

We ensure your business maximises the commercial opportunity with proactive and continuous revenue realisation support.

Solutions backed by years of market success

€14+ billion annual processed transactions

60+ Acquiring bank partners

120K+ Merchant partners

Operations in 29 countries

fully compliant solution

Fully scheme compliant

Fexco employ compliance arrangements designed to secure compliance with all legal, Regulatory and Industry requirements to which the business is subject. We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of professional and ethical standards in the conduct of our business.


Grow revenue from your existing eCommerce sales

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