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Unlocking international revenue opportunities through customised integrations.

As global leaders in Dynamic Currency Conversion, Fexco partner with 60 multi-currency enabled acquiring banks to deliver proactive, transparent solutions. Thanks to our potent combination of nimble thinking, leading edge technology and supremely energised people, we continue to see the future of DCC with crystal clear vision, allowing us to maximise its value opportunities for both new and existing customers.

Unlock new revenue from existing international payments

DCC for acquirers

Ease of integration

Experience & expertise

Generate an additional revenue stream

Partnership support

Here's what our partners say...

“Fexco DCC is an excellent service and has been very well received by our merchants. We very much like the personal approach of Fexco and trust them with our merchants. The Fexco service is a fully compliant system and our merchants have found it very easy to use.”

Laura Quijano, Product Manager Acquiring, Barclaycard

“Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS entered into a partnership with Fexco for the provision of Dynamic Currency Conversion, in the Japan market, in 2013. Fexco continue to demonstrate their expertise and knowledge through day-to-day merchant engagement, insights and recommendations for improved performance, ensuring the Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS / Fexco solution and partnership delivers on it’s full potential long term. We see Fexco’s DCC service as a significant value added proposition to our customers.“

Hiraoki Yajima, Chief Manager, Mitsubishi UFJ NICOS

“We partnered with Fexco in 2002 and I can say it has been a smart and successful decision for our business. From the start Fexco delivered first class service. The integration of Fexco’s DCC product into our own operating system was seamless. Also, the training that staff received at the outset as well as the regular update training is exceptional. I am delighted to partner with Fexco and would recommend their products and service without hesitation.”

Katie Mabbett, Head of Retail Operations, Harrods

Meeting your exact business and integration needs

Ease of integration

Fexco is already partnered with multiple Passenger service systems, online booking engines and other third party technology payment providers.

Experience & expertise

We have extensive experience tailoring our solution to compliment the infrastructure of acquiring partners. We also have key personnel in all of the relevant disciplines who are solely focused on the provision of DCC.

Generate an additional revenue stream

Adding DCC provides both acquiring partners and their merchants with a new source of revenue from the merchants existing customer base, maximising earning capabilities.

Partnership support

Fexco provides superior support to our acquiring partners as part of our established Partnership Support Programme to assist them to effectively promote and offer DCC and drive revenue maximisation.

A broad portfolio to supercharge your business

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Solutions backed by years of market success

€14+ billion annual processed transactions

60 Acquiring bank partners

120K+ Merchant partners

Operations in 29 countries

fully compliant solution

Fully scheme compliant

Fexco employ compliance arrangements designed to secure compliance with all legal, Regulatory and Industry requirements to which the business is subject. We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of professional and ethical standards in the conduct of our business.


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