Be sure with Fexco's Dynamic Currency Conversion

More revenue for you, enhanced experience for your customers.

Dynamic Currency Conversion gives international customers the choice to pay in their home currency with full disclosure of exchange rate and margin, experiencing instant conversion to a familiar currency.

How it works

Unlock new revenue from existing international payments

Fexco dynamic currency conversion

Generate an additional revenue stream

Encourage new & repeat global business

Zero FX risk to your business

Offer superior customer service

Point of Sale

Fexco's DCC can be seamlessly integrated with Point of Sale (POS) devices to provide a frictionless payment solution in the card present environment.


Fexco's DCC eCommerce software automatically recognises eligible cards enabling the cardholder the choice to pay in their home currency.


Fexco's DCC solution for ATM's gives international cardholders the convenient choice to withdraw cash at the ATM in their home currency.

Here's what our partners say...

“Fexco DCC is an excellent service and has been very well received by our merchants. We very much like the personal approach of Fexco and trust them with our merchants. The Fexco service is a fully compliant system and our merchants have found it very easy to use.”

Laura Quijano, Product Manager Acquiring, Barclaycard

“We have used Fexco’ s products for a number of years and it has been a pleasure to work with them. Where they really make a difference is the relationship they have formed with us as a business partner. Not only do they train and support our staff exceptionally well, they have also helped us to stand out from our competitors through the use of DCC. Our clientele has become more global and we have discovered a new revenue generating stream through the use of DCC. We look forward to working with Fexco in the future.”

John Bell, Regional Finance Director UK & Ireland, Hilton

“Aer Lingus has a long-standing, trusted relationship with Fexco. We have partnered with Fexco to develop a number of their products, including Dynamic Currency Conversion and Gift Vouchers, for These ancillary retail products have performed well for Aer Lingus and we fully endorse Fexco’s staff and products.”

Jennifer Fox, Director of Performance Delivery & Retail, Aer Lingus

True collaborators across industry


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DCC payments for airlines

Ground Transport

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DCC payments for ground transport


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DCC payments for education


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DCC payments for hospitality

Helping to unlock international revenue


As global leaders in Dynamic Currency Conversion, Fexco partner with 60 multi-currency enabled acquiring banks to deliver proactive, transparent solutions.

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Tech Partners

Fexco’s suite of products are pre-integrated with the world’s leading payment solution providers (PSPs), which is why we can get our acquiring partners to market much faster.

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Multi-Currency Pricing

Fexco’s Multi-currency pricing is an eCommerce payment solution that allows your international customers to browse online and pay in their preferred currency with full disclosure of exchange rate.

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Solutions backed by years of market success

€14+ billion annual processed transactions

60 Acquiring bank partners

120K+ Merchant partners

Operations in 29 countries

Fexco exchange rate promise

If you receive a better rate of foreign exchange we will refund you the difference.

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fully compliant solution

Fully scheme compliant

Fexco employ compliance arrangements designed to secure compliance with all legal, Regulatory and Industry requirements to which the business is subject. We are committed to maintaining the highest levels of professional and ethical standards in the conduct of our business.


Grow revenue from existing international card transactions

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