Cyber Security & Payments Fraud

Is your secure payment process really that secure?

Due to the recent tide of commercial fraud worldwide, global spending on cyber security products and services is predicted to exceed $1 trillion over the next five years. Businesses need to prevent, measure, identify and report security breaches and fraud quickly by making cyber security an essential foundation of the organisation. Watch our webinar to discover: 

  • How cybercrime affects payment processing and its cost on business
  • How organisations can recognise and prevent internal and external fraud
  • How secure payment solutions can protect your data and brand reputation

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About Us

Fexco uses innovative payments technology to process payments both securely and cost effectively for business and personal customers. Eliminate manual tasks from your Accounts Payable operation with a more streamlined payment process that allows you to focus on strategic initiatives instead of back-office financial operations.

Secure Platform (ISO27001 Certified)

Regulated Entity

Varied Payment Approval Levels

Bank Account Validation Tools

What Our Clients Say

"Since we have started working with FEXCO our transaction costs are lower and we have reduced our exposure to exchange rate fluctuation. That has made a huge difference for us with savings of more than €11,000 on fees alone"

Brendan Gillen, Finance Operations Controller, Dublin City University

"Consistently better exchange rates , low fees and payments delivered on time. Any queries we have are always answered in real time by a professional team - what more can we say - fantastic service all round!"

Naseer Saeed, Value Foods Ltd., Dublin

"Overall, our experience with FEXCO has been of a fast, efficient service which integrated seamlessly with our current systems. They are knowledgeable, transparent and upfront in how they do business; that transparency allows us to see that we are getting the best value and service in all of our foreign exchange payments."

Gearoid O'Broin, Director of Financial Accounting, National University of Ireland Galway

“Overall we couldn’t be happier. We have reduced our costs on our FX payments and have been able to reallocate staff to more strategic tasks thanks to FEXCO’s payment automation solution. We are confident that our suppliers are paid on time every time and can rest assured that a dedicated team of payment professionals are easily accessible when needed.”

Ide Howard, Accounts Payable Manager, Bon Secours Health Systems Ltd

"FEXCO works with our Finance team to to ensure our exposure to exchange rate fluctuation is minimal and any payment queries we have are addressed promptly by an efficient customer support team."

Aoife Gleeson, Financial Director, Concern Worldwide

"We are very pleased at the collaborative approach FEXCO has taken to address any payment issues we have. We never realised there were more cost effective methods when making international payments and our bank transfer fees alone have been significantly reduced as a result. The team at FEXCO are flexible, adapting their payment platform to suit our internal processes, and are always on standby to resolve any payment issues. This guarantees that we are receiving the greatest value and service for our domestic and foreign exchange payments."

Travel Counsellors Ltd, Trafford City , Manchester

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