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For over 25 years, Fexco Corporate Payments has been delivering tailored payment solutions to the travel sector, helping to simplify international payments by reducing or eliminating manual processes.


Payment Challenges for the Travel Sector

Pressure to cut costs and increase margins has never been greater for the travel industry. Incidents of suppliers going into liquidation are increasing, leaving travel agencies and their clients out of pocket. Add exchange rate fluctuation which also impacts the bottom line, cutting costs and improving efficiencies doesn’t just become a consideration but a necessity. One area finance managers are focusing on to reduce cost and improve efficiency is in their AP function. An inefficient accounts payable process can:

  • Increase the cost of processing payments.
  • Force managers to increase staff because of manual processes.
  • Prevent access to payment data vital for budgeting and spend analysis.
  • Increase incidents of late payments resulting in penalties and strained relations with suppliers.

We Offer

Fexco Corporate Payments provide tailored solutions to the Travel sector that result in a seamless payment process offering substantial time & cost savings. Hundreds of travel agents, airlines and hotels have benefited from our specialist knowledge and competitive pricing to deliver unbeatable payment solutions, allowing businesses to focus more on core activities whilst protecting their profit margins.

Benefits include:

  • Automatic validation tools to ensure accuracy of transaction details and successful completion of payment.
  • Access to multiple payment options: SEPA, ACH, wire transfers and cheques.
  • Transparent transaction records with no manual reconciliations.
  • Proven integration with all major ERP systems and accounts systems.

Centralise your payment processing & reduce the cost of your banking infrastructure

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What Our Clients Say

"We are very pleased at the collaborative approach FEXCO has taken to address any payment issues we have. We never realised there were more cost effective methods when making international payments and our bank transfer fees alone have been significantly reduced as a result. The team at FEXCO are flexible, adapting their payment platform to suit our internal processes, and are always on standby to resolve any payment issues. This guarantees that we are receiving the greatest value and service for our domestic and foreign exchange payments."

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