Payment Solutions for Healthcare

Making accurate and timely payments is essential for the Healthcare sector. After all, if the financial systems are functioning smoothly, it can focus on its top priority, patient care. FEXCO Corporate Payments has been providing bespoke payment solutions to the Healthcare sector for over 30 years. Our clients include some of the largest public and private hospitals in the UK & Ireland with large domestic and international payment requirements.


Payment Challenges for the Healthcare Sector

Busy Accounts Payable functions are often mired in inefficiency, especially where manual processes are common. For Healthcare professionals, paying suppliers and partners on time is vital. Payment lifecycles can often be extended when:

  • Invalid beneficiary banking detail results in delayed or failed payments.
  • There is lack of transparency concerning bank fees and FX rates.
  • Poor  visibility on  payables reporting resulting in cashflow uncertainty.

We Offer

FEXCO Corporate Payments provide tailored solutions to the healthcare sector that result in a seamless payment process offering substantial time & cost savings. Our consultative approach allows us to work with you to identify inefficiencies in your accounts payable process and provide a solution that will transform the way you make payments.

Benefits include:

  • Pre-payment validation to reduce errors & accelerate the payment cycle.
  • Secure multi-user payments platform with authentication for added security.
  • Tailored reporting allowing complete visibility on payment status.
  • Integrated file solution offering easy transfer of bulk payments in multiple currencies.

Centralise your payment processing & reduce the cost of your banking infrastructure

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