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Are you looking for a payment solution, tailored exactly to your business’ needs? For over 30 years FEXCO Corporate Payments has delivered bespoke payment solutions for corporate clients with complex and bulk payment requirements. Our solution helps you to execute both domestic and international bulk payments securely and swiftly from a single payment gateway.

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Payment Challenges for Corporates

Bulk payments in multiple currencies can be problematic for many corporate businesses. Disparate company financial systems and manual accounts payable processes often result in lengthy payment cycles and unnecessary high costs. FEXCO Corporate Payments take a tailored approach to understand the payment needs of corporate clients resulting in a streamlined and simplified payments process that eliminates inefficiencies and maximises profit.

Large corporates

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Bank-beating FX Rates

FEXCO Corporate Payments work with corporate clients to get bank-beating FX rates and exceptional delivery on all payment transactions. As well as international wire transfer, we also provide domestic payment methods including SEPA payments, BACS transfers and US ACH payments.

Reduce Reconciliation Workload

Use the FEXCO Corporate Payments bulk payments option on our online platform to reduce your reconciliations workload (appear as a single transfer on the clients bank statement). Our solution also eliminates the need to hold multiple currency accounts; instead all payments can be simply handled using our online platform.

Combat Payment Fraud

Clients can specify approval levels for their staff on our online platform (senior operators can specify transaction limits for individual operators). These settings can be used to reflect the internal controls that the client uses for its day-to-day financial transactions.

Automatic Payee Validation

Our payment delivery success rates are in excess of 99%. All payments go through automatic validation on our system to ensure that bank account details are accurate before funds are transferred. FEXCO Corporate Payments has been recognised by Deutsche Bank with the Straight through Processing Excellence Award 2015.

Solve Complex Payment Problems

Our customer support team can help to route payments to accounts at small financial institutions by directing payments via an appropriate intermediate bank, mitigating delays in the payments process due to payment formatting issues.

Automatic Payee Notification

Payment notification emails can be sent to all payees through the FEXCO Corporate Payments online system. Confirmation emails can be personally tailored to the clients' specifications, incorporating both text and branding.

Client Benefits

  • Cost Effective Exceptional FX rates and multiple payment delivery options, offering an extremely cost effective payments service.
  • Boosts Efficiency Reduce manual processes and boost efficiency by automating the payment reconciliation workflow.
  • Enhanced Security Reduce fraud and enhance payment security in your organisation by allocating approval levels online.
  • Error Elimination Eliminate bank account detail errors at the start of the payment cycle and facilitate the swift straight through processing of payments.
  • Reduced Delays Reduces delays in the payment cycle by routing payments through our network of partner and intermediate banks.
  • Visibility Offers complete visibility of the payments process to senders & payees through our automated notification service.

Drive business efficiencies by speeding up & automating your payment processes

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What Our Clients Say

"The FEXCO system has a validation tool that tells our staff if there is a problem with payment details. This means that we can spot incorrect bank details before it gets sent out. Also, if we need to make a payment that’s a bit tricky (for instance, a payment to a bank that doesn’t have a SWIFT number) we know that the customer services team in FEXCO can get it done. FEXCO is an important partner for us at DCU as we develop a more global reach."

Brendan Gillen, Finance Operations Controller, Dublin City University

Bulk Pay Numerous Recipients Across Multiple Currencies

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