AP Automation & ERP Integration

In todays business environment, Finance managers are tasked with driving efficiency, reducing costs and providing greater visibility into working capital management. FEXCO Corporate Payments identifies the payments processes of larger institutional clients that are costly, time consuming and labour-intensive, providing AP automation and ERP integration solutions that free up resources of busy accounts functions.

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Challenges Facing Accounts Payable

Manual payment processes which involve retrieving and keying data from ERP systems can be extremely inefficient and time consuming. Longer payment cycles due to human error and obscure reporting due to an over-reliance on paper based activities can complicate things further. If this sounds familiar, an automated accounts payable solution may be highly aligned with the needs of your business.

We Offer

Direct Payments

Our FileDirect solution is a link between the clients accounts package and FEXCO Corporate Payments online platform, facilitating the seamless upload of payment files without the requirement of manual processing.

Reduce Manual Reconciliation

A company with 5000 payments each year can save up to 500 man hours using our FileDirect solution. As one FileDirect payment file covers all payment types, there is no manual re-keying of data. Complete all your supplier payments in one bank transfer.

Integration With All Major ERP Systems

Helping to save time and money on your accounts payable, the FileDirect solution is both flexible & robust with no upfront costs for systems integration. Our modular approach means that you decide how much integration you require.

Create Efficiency

Our AP automation solution allows you to focus on growing your business by reallocating finance staff to more strategic, high value tasks. Errors associated with human touch points are reduced thanks to our award winning 99% straight through processing capability.

Reduce FX Risk

FileDirect offers easy access to payment information allowing finance managers the insight required to accurately forecast cash flows and analyse spend patterns.

Transparency on Rates & Fees

Our solution offers you complete transparency on all bank rates and fees. The live exchange rate feed to your ERP system facilitates accurate forecasting and real time performance monitoring.

Client Benefits

  • Increased Efficiency Increase efficiency through the automation of outgoing payments
  • Enhanced Security Reduce fraud and enhance payment security in your organisation by allocating approval levels online.
  • Eliminate Delays Eliminate payment delays and queries
  • Maximise AP Resources Reduce the burden on your AP resources
  • Improved Reconciliation Feedback files automate the reconciliation process
  • Payment Speed Accelerate the payment lifecycle

Centralise your payment processing & reduce the cost of your banking infrastructure

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What Our Clients Say

"Overall, our experience with FEXCO has been of a fast, efficient service which integrated seamlessly with our current systems. They are knowledgeable, transparent and upfront in how they do business; that transparency allows us to see that we are getting the best value and service in all of our foreign exchange payments."

Gearoid O'Broin, Director of Financial Accounting, National University of Ireland Galway

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