Medical equipment finance

Flexible asset finance solutions.

Fexco Asset Finance offers a wide range of tailored and flexible medical equipment finance solutions, including leasing and hire purchase business loans, enabling small to medium sized enterprises (SMEs) in Ireland access to the finance necessary to grow.

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Asset Finance for Medical Equipment

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Fexco Asset Finance

Finance new and used medical equipment

Fexco can arrange medical equipment finance for businesses looking to obtain the assets they need to scale their operations. We offer:

  • Leasing: gives you the full use of the asset over a fixed term without the burden of ownership.
  • Hire purchase: provides the flexibility to spread the cost of an asset over a fixed period with the option to own the asset at the end of the process.

Tailored medical equipment finance solutions

Maintain cash flow

A leasing or hire purchase agreement allows you to safeguard your cash flow and other credit lines facilitating predictable monthly expenses. With this clarity, you can budget efficiently and use working capital to develop long term plans for business growth.

Tailored payment schedule

Payments can be scheduled to correspond to your income schedule and reflect the needs of the business cash flow. We offer weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual payment options providing tailor-made repayment schedules that work for you.

Quick & easy to arrange

Our team makes decisions quickly allowing you access to funds within days of the leasing or hire purchase agreement being made.


By using a leasing or hire purchase agreement you have immediate access to the asset without putting a significant dent in your working capital.

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SBCI Ireland

SBCI business loans

The SBCI (Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland) is a Euro/Ireland initiative designed to provide strategic funding for SME’s in Ireland. Fexco Asset Finance, in partnership with the SCBI, can offer business loans at a competitive, discounted rate

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Our asset finance team

Our experienced team understand the needs of businesses both large and small and we are available to discuss the various flexible funding solutions on offer from Fexco Asset Finance. We know that asset finance has the power and flexibility to release the locked in value that your business needs to keep moving.

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